My life

Mani Bharathi.P
Mani Bharathi.P

Hi.. This is Mani bharathi.P. My native is Salem. I was born in 27th April(1991).  I’m the elder boy in my home and have one brother. His name is Mani devan.P and he is working in Hyundai company at Chennai. He skipped his major studies for my education. Like everybody, i love my Mom. She tolerated all the struggles for my good carrier. Now my father is proudly saying that “My son is studying in Bharathidasan University”. As much i can I will do everything for my family. I want to guide my brother in his further studies who skipped his higher studies for me.

I started my school carrier in my own village. i got 84.6% of marks in 10th standard. Completed my higher secondary education in Gandhi higher secondary school and got 81.3% of marks. Till my school period i studied in Tamil medium government schools. My favorites subjects are Maths and biology. Especially in maths(In 10th- 99/100,In 12th- 182/200). So i want to thanks for Maths sir Srinivasn and N.Ramachandran. One moment is there to share with you. During my school exam period, one sir insulted me unnecessarily in front of all students. But i got 99/100 marks in that science exam. That was the first time i overcome to show my talent against a bad impression about me. Then i realized that “i too can do it”. That incident gave me lot of confidence. Then i started my college life in Bharathidasan university,Trichy. Till now, my carrier is guiding by my uncle Mr.Kumar.

I completed my B.Tech project In CFTRI,Mysore under the guidance of Dr.S.P.Muthukumar. He guided me and my friend Nilavazhagan so kindly,lovely. He gave full freedom to work for my wish and understand my talent. I inspired in his way of treating the students and workers. Still i like him very much like my father.

I like to play and watch cricket,here music,enjoy with friends. My extra hobbies are drawing and write poem. My passion is Play cricket and my role model is Current indian captain cool Mahendra singh Dhoni. But unfortunately i don’t have family background and family support. so i changed my carrier for my parents. Now my aim is getting a good job as my parents wish.

My most favorite extra curricular activity is Writing Poems. You can read it in என் கவிதைகள் ( My Poems ), நான் விரும்பியவை (Inspired from Others).

To know my entire educational carrier see my resume. Click here to download it.

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